Microplex Printer Outlet

The Continuous Laser Form Experts!

F44_replacementIn 1987, the founders of MICROPLEX acquired a major research department for print technologies and print controllers. From this department, MICROPLEX was formed. MICROPLEX intellectual capital included ground breaking research in the design of one of the first laser printers. Base on a 2-foot long laser tube combined with hand-made polygon mirrors, this prototype signaled the beginning of the laser-printing era.

After this acquisition MICROPLEX began its decade-long focus on print controllers and on printer software development. Grounded in an understanding of the physical processes of digital printing, this focus has always been directed toward real-life applications and actual customer needs.

Today, MICROPLEX offers a wide-ranging product line of continuous form printers for industrial and office applications. that is responsive to constantly changing customer needs. In both industrial and service-oriented sectors, MICROPLEX printers and related products are currently at work building efficiency and exceeding expectations.